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Round salad bowls
Round salad bowls
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PLA: looks like plastic, but is 100% biodegradable!

PLA is thé alternative to plastics made from petroleum. Until recently, it was virtually impossible to manufacture highly transparent and dimensionally stable materials from renewable sources. Only since the development of a new type of fermentation process has it been possible to produce a natural alternative to polyethylene, which is dependent on mineral oil. This material, called polylactic acid (PLA), is produced from natural starch. It can be moulded into almost any shape, and can also be produced as a lm.

For the production of these bio PLA products the scroll remains of sugar cane or corn are used. Because only residues are used in the PLA production, these products are no competition to the food chain. In addition, the expected shortage of fossil fuels in the near future will have no effect on the production of PLA.

PLA products:

- 100% biodegradable (EN-13432 certified)
- Transparent & glossy
- Taste-Neutral
- Heat-resistant up to about 40° C (suited for cold meals)

Bowls and lids to be ordered separately.
Sold per set.

Prices are without TAX and in euros per setSend To A Friend

Ø 145mm - Transparent - Lid for PLA002757

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA002758
  • Round salad bowls - Ø 145mm - Transparent - Lid for PLA002757
  • 50 pieces per set
5,52 euro from 1 set
4,18 euro from 10 sets
4,05 euro from 50 sets
3,93 euro from 100 sets
3,81 euro from 150 sets

Ø 170mm - Transparent - Lid for Flower salad bowls

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA012560
  • Round salad bowls - Ø 170mm - Transparent - Lid for Flower salad bowls
  • 50 pieces per set
9,71 euro from 1 set
7,34 euro from 10 sets
7,13 euro from 50 sets
6,91 euro from 100 sets
6,70 euro from 150 sets

65mm - Ø 145mm - 700cc - Transparent

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA002757
  • Round salad bowls - 65mm - Ø 145mm - 700cc - Transparent
  • 50 pieces per set
11,57 euro from 1 set
8,77 euro from 10 sets
8,51 euro from 50 sets
8,26 euro from 100 sets
8,00 euro from 150 sets

85mm - Ø 170mm - 950cc - Transparent - Flower salad bowl

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA013650
  • Round salad bowls - 85mm - Ø 170mm - 950cc - Transparent - Flower salad bowl
  • 50 pieces per set
14,81 euro from 1 set
11,25 euro from 10 sets
10,92 euro from 50 sets
10,60 euro from 100 sets
10,28 euro from 150 sets

112mm - Ø 170mm - 1400cc - Transparent - Flower salad bowl

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA012559
  • Round salad bowls - 112mm - Ø 170mm - 1400cc - Transparent - Flower salad bowl
  • 50 pieces per set
18,43 euro from 1 set
13,82 euro from 10 sets
13,40 euro from 50 sets
12,98 euro from 100 sets
12,56 euro from 150 sets

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