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naturesse is your online store for Sugarcane products
naturesse is your online store for Palm Leaf Products
Palm Leaf Products

Palm Leaf: Durable and decorative

This range of aesthetically pleasing, high-quality tableware is an example of how people can live from nature and deal with it responsibly. These products are made from leaves of the "Adaka" nut palm, of which hundreds of millions grow in India. This unique plant, from which the fruit (betel nut) is harvested and used, continually produces leaves during its growth period. Up to now, these have been bured as useless waste material.

The staff of the partner fairtrade organization collects the palm leaves and cleans them. Then they are sterilized under pressure and with steam and subsequently compressed in any desired form. An entirely environmentally friendly process that offers an additional form of revenue to the local population. Thanks to this project, 500 people in India have a job and are able to send their children to school.

Each product has its own unique structure and colour, this ensures the authentic and natural appearance of palm leaf products. The material is so hard that no additional treatment, such as lamination, is needed.

naturesse is your online store for Products in PLA
Products in PLA

PLA: looks like plastic, but is 100% biodegradable!

PLA is thé alternative to plastics made from petroleum. Until recently, it was virtually impossible to manufacture highly transparent and dimensionally stable materials from renewable sources. Only since the development of a new type of fermentation process has it been possible to produce a natural alternative to polyethylene, which is dependent on mineral oil. This material, called polylactic acid (PLA), is produced from natural starch. It can be moulded into almost any shape, and can also be produced as a lm.

For the production of these bio PLA products the scroll remains of sugar cane or corn are used. Because only residues are used in the PLA production, these products are no competition to the food chain. In addition, the expected shortage of fossil fuels in the near future will have no effect on the production of PLA.

naturesse is your online store for Cellulose Products
Cellulose Products

From natural residues to beautiful disposables!

Our attractive disposables are 100% biodegradable. By being made from a renewable sources these products really are truly eco-friendly.

Our range also includes cellulose products. Natural cellulose is derived from wood pulp. Cellulose is worldwide available in virtually unlimited quantities. It is made from wood that was obtained in the context of forest thinning operations. This gives the forest the ability to breathe and grow, thereby promoting regeneration. The raw material is amongst others the eucalyptus tree that is on average harvested every 7 years.

Discover our cellulose drinking cups, ice cups, mealboxes, napkins and table cloth. 

naturesse is your online store for Wooden products
Wooden products

Wood: environmental-friendly and decorative!

Our attractive disposables are 100% biodegradable. By being made from a renewable sources these products really are truly eco-friendly.

Wood is by definition biodegradable. A good balance between the extraction of timber and the planting of new trees, woodlands or forests is very important.

Our compostable wooden products are made with high quality birch wood (FSC) sourced from replanted trees in farmed forests. We have a large assortiment of forks, spoons, knives, sticks, stirrers, ... All these products are produced in 100% wood without the addition of other artificial substances: chemical-free with no glazes. These products are compostable and will not release harmful substances when being burnt. Thanks to their CO2 neutrality, they help protect the environment. Moreover, they are 100% biodegradable and as such they complete the recycling process. This makes them a textbook example of the principle of sustainability.

Environmentally friendly but also highly decorative and unique! Matches together very well with the biodegradable plates and bowls in palm leaf.

naturesse is your online store for Foil Products
Foil Products

Go green with 100% bio bags!

In our range of bio products you can find biodegradable bags made out of materbi. Materbi consists of starches that are extracted from corn flour.

This Bio plastic is part of the latest generation of environmentally friendly materials. The corn is GMO-free which means that the crops are not genetically manipulated. Corn is a renewable source and Mater-Bi contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect.

The film, from which the bags are produced, has the same properties as conventional LDPE film. The film is milky white by nature which means the bags are not fully transparent.

We can also produce customized bags, please contact us for a price quotation.

naturesse is your online store for Biodegradable Packaging
Biodegradable Packaging

Bio loose fill material

Bio chips offers an environmetal-friendly, optimal and durable protection for your products. These loose fill chips are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable and made out of natural and annually, renewable sources. The chips dissolve in water and can compost as well on the compost pile as on the ground. They do not release dangerous gases during combustion.

Wood wool

This is a natural and environmentally friendly loose fill packaging material. It is ideal for the protection of goods in transit, whether heavy engineering products or the most delicate ceramic and porcelain pottery items. 

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