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Salad and Dessert cups
Salad and Dessert cups
Vergroot afbeeldingen...

Biodegradable cups for salad and dessert with lids

Our biodegradable cardboard salad and dessert cupscream cups are made of pure cellulose. Only biodegradable and environmental friendly dyes without heavy metals or toxic materials are used for our bio cups.

Natural cellulose is derived from wood pulp. Cellulose is worldwide available in virtually unlimited quantities. It is made from wood that was obtained in the context of forest thinning operations. This gives the forest the ability to breathe and grow, thereby promoting regeneration. The raw material is amongst others the eucalyptus tree that is on average harvested every 7 years.

The transparent lids consist of PLA material: this is called polylactic acid, in short PLA and is obtained from natural starch. The lids (not suitable for hot applications) are also 100% biodegradable.

  • Cellulose cup
  • Available in two sizes:
    - 390ml
    - 800ml 
  • Transparent lid PLA (bioplastic)

Sold per set.
Cup and lid must be ordered separately.

Prices are without TAX and in euros per boxSend To A Friend

Ø 107mm - Transparent - Lid for CELL11434

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA010920
  • Salad and Dessert cups - Ø 107mm - Transparent - Lid for CELL11434
  • 50 pieces per box
5,93 euro from 1 box
5,67 euro from 3 boxes
5,40 euro from 5 boxes
5,27 euro from 10 boxes
4,61 euro from 20 boxes

Ø 149mm - Transparent - Lid for CELL11435

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: PLA010921
  • Salad and Dessert cups - Ø 149mm - Transparent - Lid for CELL11435
  • 50 pieces per box
10,68 euro from 1 box
10,20 euro from 3 boxes
9,72 euro from 5 boxes
9,48 euro from 10 boxes
8,29 euro from 20 boxes

63mm - Ø 149mm - 800cc - White - Cup

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: CELL11435
  • Salad and Dessert cups - 63mm - Ø 149mm - 800cc - White - Cup
  • 50 pieces per box
15,72 euro from 1 box
15,02 euro from 3 boxes
14,32 euro from 5 boxes
13,97 euro from 10 boxes
12,22 euro from 20 boxes

65mm - Ø 107mm - 390cc - White - Cup

Quantity Sets:
  • Code: CELL11434
  • Salad and Dessert cups - 65mm - Ø 107mm - 390cc - White - Cup
  • 60 pieces per box
11,79 euro from 1 box
11,26 euro from 3 boxes
10,73 euro from 5 boxes
10,47 euro from 10 boxes
9,15 euro from 20 boxes

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